The Secret

Week 35 – a topical subject after yesterday’s budget.  They said it was to be a Robin Hood affair, stealing from the rich to give to the poor…  Whilst I am not an overtly political person, I do read the Guardian, and hey, this is a Conservative led coalition, so no surprises then.  Why do we ever think there will be?

So back to Julia Skinner and “The Red Box”.

It had lain there for years, as long as she could remember, resting quietly at the back of her parents’ old dressing table. 

Now, with the solicitor’s words still ringing in her ear, and the memory of her mother’s loving touch on its  soft red leather, she lifted the little box to finally discover its secret.

She sat down suddenly as she realised  that she would be mourning for two.

Why oh why had such a poignant truth been kept from her? At least she was left with a photo to remind her of the twin she had never known.

And, just as a way to keep tabs on the different pieces I also include a link here to and my entry for ‘A Leap of Faith’, week 33’s title.


5 thoughts on “The Secret

  1. Hello Sandra

    Another late night inspiration then! 🙂

    I loved your most recent entry to the 100wcgu. Very poignant sent shivers through me, beautifully written.

    Well done.

    I will try to have a go tomorrow.


  2. Thank you Susan. Are you taking part in the 100WCGU posts? I’d love to read yours.

  3. This was so sad, didn’t know what she was going to discover, well done for keeping me guessing right to the end.

  4. Ah secrets, we can’t carry them to the grave, can we. At least the mother allowed the final discovery by keeping the red box. Well done!

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