Inter School Challenges

Ryan is delighted.

Now Year 6 have finished their SATS, they are working hard on the end of year production – Macbeth – and learning all about William Shakespeare, including storyboarding, writing and creating stop-frame animations of scenes from the play.

However, it’s not entirely Ryan’s cup of tea.  He is a true sportsman, coming first in his races at district sports, playing football whenever he can lay his hands on a ball, and thoroughly enjoying any activities that get him in his PE kit and outdoors.  So why is he so happy?

As part of an Olympic collaboration between Surrey primary schools, a project was set up to devise some inter school challenges which would be created by children to be played by children, all hosted on our schools’ joint Fronter Learning Platform.  Having spoken to the Year 6 teachers, there was no question as to which student would lead our school’s entries.  Ryan only had to be asked once and, within a day he had rounded up a few like-minded Year 5s and 6s to help him come up with some games.  Over the next week, the group, ably led by Ryan, decided on the rules, tested out the games and then photographed each other modelling the different stages of the various games.

When his teachers had first sounded him out about the project I had also spoken to him to let him know that I would be able to help him upload his games onto the Learning Platform.  We had a brief discussion about the best way to show the games to other children – explaining the rules and so on – and we decided that Photostory would be a good way to achieve this.  The brilliant thing about Photostory (apart from the fact it is a free download on Microsoft PCs) is its multimedia functionality and ease of use.  As well as streaming still images with a range of different transitions, it allows the user to type text against each slide and add audio – vocally or from an mp3 file.  Using the audio network website (schools can sign up also for free on, Ryan was able to pick some appropriate music and set it against his series of slides showing exactly how his first game – Gate Relay – should be played.

The end result is a great little piece of work, albeit with some spelling mistakes that Ryan noticed only when the video was uploaded and played on the Learning Platform, which explains exactly how you should play Gate Relay.  Ryan is already at work on his next game and has made a mental note to change up the spellings in the first video soon – something he has never particularly been bothered by before.

So, as I say, Ryan is delighted.  With sport, with his videos, with his new found leadership qualities and most of all, with himself.  And I expect you’ve already guessed what would make him even happier?  That’s right, giving Ryan’s game a go in your own school (click here for Gate Relay).  Please try it out and if you are a Surrey School log into Fronter ( and visit the Olympic Room’s Inter School Challenges (Running Games).

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